Saturday, October 22, 2011

What is HIV and AIDS?

      To start off with I view AIDS/HIV as a very complicated disease that people don't realize could happen to anybody. I think HIV/AIDS in society is often misinterpreted or misunderstood. I think a lot of people are mislead with information about this disease, therefore may get it without even knowing they have it. I think that having this disease totally changes a persons life.
         I view AIDS/HIV as diseases that are overlooked in today's society. They are known but not spoken of frequently enough to understand what these diseases are all about. In today's youth we find AIDS and HIV as a joke but really it is something serious. In our world today,it is something to be terrified of because of what effects it can have on everyone. It is like a domino effect. It doesn't stop with just one person getting the disease. Once someone is infected, if not carefully treated can cause another person or multiple people to get it and then the sequence carries itself on through different people and becomes even more complicated and harder to treat. When ever a person gets sick it can become life threatening and very costly in medications and treatments.
       This could also cause a lot of discrimination against those who do have HIV or AIDS, making them an outcast in our world. They would loose a lot of their friends and opportunities because of how they would be treated and/or judged. On the other hand, if they do not tell others about their sickness others may have to suffer as well. If those who have AIDS or are HIV positive have sex while unprotected may infect them too because it is a disease that is made possible through blood transfusions or bodily fluids (sexual relationships or sharing needles). In result both telling others and not informing them both have its consequences (they're screwed).
         My view on HIV/ AIDS would have to be that it needs to be looked further into. I think that the world needs to have a better grip on what AIDS/HIV is all about. The whole world needs a better understanding of how this disease take place, what precautions they can take to prevent this from happening, what the symptoms are, and how this effects so many people. Many people aren't aware of any of this and need to be informed, it is essential for everyone in the world to realize how this disease can kill so many people or take life out of them from being so sick. Therefore we need to be more aware of what we are facing with HIV/AIDS because like I said before, it is a domino effect that could decrease the amount of people that have this disease.

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