Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Rise of AIDS/HIV

    Uganda set up a nation wide prevention campaign and helped each other out. They made aids more controllable in terms of societies injustice of discrimination towards those who are infected with HIV/AIDS. In my mind this is the most important thing you could do in cases like this to help decrease all the chaos that this kind of disease has caused through social terms.They all stuck by each other with support and hope , even though they knew what they had to face with HIV/AIDS. 
    As for Thailand, they set up a shrine dedicated towards those who lost their lives because of AIDS.  It served as a reminder that AIDS patients shouldn't be left behind. Not only did they do that , but they took action by putting at least half a minute of AIDS/ HIV information on radio stations and passed out free condoms with a condom campaign. This made a huge impact on the decrease of these diseases which improved dramatically. 
     In contrast to America, what did we do? Considering everything Thailand and Uganda did, we didn't help prevent this disease. America only made an effort towards science to research what was going on with this disease to find the cure. They didn't think about what was happening now and what they could do to prevent even more people from getting it, as millions of people were dying , I think America did not handle the rise of HIV/AIDS the way they should have. They should have created a bigger impact on what was going on during that epidemic time period , rather then looking towards the  future to find the cure. Though it was crucial to studying and examining the disease it was also important to prevent this disease from spreading at that moment.
Though it was a huge factor that helped find treatments for AIDS, it would have saved others from spreading the disease to others, making others live longer. If our government just made Americans more aware of AIDS/HIV could have prevented themselves from getting it in the first place and made a big impact. It makes me question the authority of America in the eighties as to why they didn't release information right when it's received until it was already to late (many people were already dead or were dying) and why they focus on the future rather then focusing and paying their full attention on what is going on right now to the citizens of America.

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