Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gay Marriage Debate

In my understanding I think the gay marriage debate is about equal rights. As homosexuals they feel they should have the same rights at heterosexuals. They feel offensive because people are trying to discriminate towards them because they aren't into the traditional man and women relationship. They are attracted to their own sex. Therefore, because of this , they have the right to speak up to gain those rights. They want to protest against this false assumption of belief that homosexuals shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else. They believe they should be able to marry whom ever they please. It shouldn't just be limited to heterosexuals every individual should have the same benefits as any other person in this world. They shouldn't have laws discriminating against them because of their sexuality.

For others, I believe they don't see it this way. In this case I believe this is based on tradition,religion, and the way society looks at the "categorized" group of homosexuals. In tradition it is known that a marriage is based on a forever lasting bond between a man and a women. It is not very often when we see a tradition with two people of the same sex getting married. Religious affairs make a big impact on why many people do not think that gay marriages should be allowed. This is because people find that gay marriage is a sin. They find it immoral and unethical because of how they translate the bible or other religious material that provides evidence that it is the wrong way of living. Society always has a perspective the average "norm" of how everything is suppose to be. As we grow up we come accustomed to what our society believes. For instance watching television or movies, it's always a boy and a girl who fall in love. Playing barbies it's the same way. Even parents try making a plan that this is how life works, you go to school, get a job, meet your soul mate , get married, and have a baby. This is exactly how society looks at homosexuals they don't find it acceptable because of the fact that it is with the same sex, which isn't how society thinks people should live. In conclusion, some may argue that gay marriages can destroy the traditional ways and can cause an uproar in religious affairs. It may also not fit the way you should act in society.

My position is that homosexuals should have their own rights to marry. It shouldn't matter who anyone marries, it's their decision and who are we to get in the way of someone else's life just because they want to get married? Just because others don't find it acceptable? I don't believe so. Marriage or not should be an option to anyone...

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