Saturday, October 22, 2011


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AIDS in Africa

          I think that the effects of AIDS are so massively different in Africa than they are in the U.S.  because sex is a form of survival in Africa, which is commonly known as the Jaboya system. Africa is also not a very wealthy country that can afford HIV health care programs, therefore they can't afford condoms and aren't aware of prevention methods to reduce the risk of becoming  HIV positive. Since having sexual relationships with others provide a security of bringing food to the table every day, this makes the effects of AIDS even worse. For those with AIDS or HIV, they must keep silent. If it becomes known that they have this chronic disease, it may cause the food provider (normally fishermen) to not want to have anything to do with that person and their family. Therefore, keeping silent will infect the food provider and other various sex partners they have, with AIDS or HIV. The effects of AIDS become much worse there because of the fact that there are various numbers of sex partners which increases the different strands of HIV/ AIDS. Combining two different strands of AIDS or HIV from each individual makes the disease stronger and more  . This is why the effects are much harsher in Africa then the effects of AIDS/ HIV in America. It is also much harder to treat especially considering they don't have much money for treatment. If gone untreated the effects will increase at a rapid growth, making it more unbearable. 
     I had very little knowledge about AIDS in Africa before watching these videos. The few things that I did know about AIDS in Africa is that it's where AIDS originated from. It is originally a disease that took place in the monkey species until it began transferring the disease into humans.  The one theory that was thought to have caused the transfer of this disease is based on blood on blood contact. It started with the butchering of the monkey species, a hunt for monkey meat in Africa. After the hunters would cut up the meat, the blood would be everywhere. In result causing the spread of AIDS. Though AIDS was not initially a problem at that time because it was only spread to very few citizens in Africa. Therefore, nobody really knew AIDS even existed.                                                                                 
I think that culture takes a significant role in the effects AIDS has had on the African population. This is because of the Jaboya system I referred to earlier has caused the further spread of HIV and AIDS. It would also be passed on. Babies would be tested HIV positive at birth because it was carried down from the parents who was infected with it first.  Since AIDS and HIV were causing 72% of the population in Africa to be infected. Many children loose both their parents because of AIDS or HIV, leaving them to live on their own or given to an orphanage. Many citizens in Africa began to die because of the increase of people infected with this disease. If it wasn't for the widely spread disease that is everywhere in Africa many of their people would still be alive.

        There are a variety of solutions that can help prevent citizens in Africa from getting AIDS and decreasing the death rate caused by AIDS while maintaining treatment for those who already have it. One solution I find best fit for Africa would consists of socialism, where different countries will step in and help Africa spread awareness of whats going on in their society while teaching them different methods to prevent the cause of HIV or AIDS. The system of Jaboya should be ruled as illegal because of what harm it has caused with the increasing rate of AIDS in Africa. They should be forced to trade with goods and other sources of labor such as cleaning or cooking the food. Offering sex as a form of survival is very unethical and disturbing. Professionals from different countries should offer medical care training to citizens in Africa to help benefit the overall population by having citizens aware of the situation and have a deep understanding of what it is, how it could be prevented, how it's caused, and so on.

The Rise of AIDS/HIV

    Uganda set up a nation wide prevention campaign and helped each other out. They made aids more controllable in terms of societies injustice of discrimination towards those who are infected with HIV/AIDS. In my mind this is the most important thing you could do in cases like this to help decrease all the chaos that this kind of disease has caused through social terms.They all stuck by each other with support and hope , even though they knew what they had to face with HIV/AIDS. 
    As for Thailand, they set up a shrine dedicated towards those who lost their lives because of AIDS.  It served as a reminder that AIDS patients shouldn't be left behind. Not only did they do that , but they took action by putting at least half a minute of AIDS/ HIV information on radio stations and passed out free condoms with a condom campaign. This made a huge impact on the decrease of these diseases which improved dramatically. 
     In contrast to America, what did we do? Considering everything Thailand and Uganda did, we didn't help prevent this disease. America only made an effort towards science to research what was going on with this disease to find the cure. They didn't think about what was happening now and what they could do to prevent even more people from getting it, as millions of people were dying , I think America did not handle the rise of HIV/AIDS the way they should have. They should have created a bigger impact on what was going on during that epidemic time period , rather then looking towards the  future to find the cure. Though it was crucial to studying and examining the disease it was also important to prevent this disease from spreading at that moment.
Though it was a huge factor that helped find treatments for AIDS, it would have saved others from spreading the disease to others, making others live longer. If our government just made Americans more aware of AIDS/HIV could have prevented themselves from getting it in the first place and made a big impact. It makes me question the authority of America in the eighties as to why they didn't release information right when it's received until it was already to late (many people were already dead or were dying) and why they focus on the future rather then focusing and paying their full attention on what is going on right now to the citizens of America.

What is HIV and AIDS?

      To start off with I view AIDS/HIV as a very complicated disease that people don't realize could happen to anybody. I think HIV/AIDS in society is often misinterpreted or misunderstood. I think a lot of people are mislead with information about this disease, therefore may get it without even knowing they have it. I think that having this disease totally changes a persons life.
         I view AIDS/HIV as diseases that are overlooked in today's society. They are known but not spoken of frequently enough to understand what these diseases are all about. In today's youth we find AIDS and HIV as a joke but really it is something serious. In our world today,it is something to be terrified of because of what effects it can have on everyone. It is like a domino effect. It doesn't stop with just one person getting the disease. Once someone is infected, if not carefully treated can cause another person or multiple people to get it and then the sequence carries itself on through different people and becomes even more complicated and harder to treat. When ever a person gets sick it can become life threatening and very costly in medications and treatments.
       This could also cause a lot of discrimination against those who do have HIV or AIDS, making them an outcast in our world. They would loose a lot of their friends and opportunities because of how they would be treated and/or judged. On the other hand, if they do not tell others about their sickness others may have to suffer as well. If those who have AIDS or are HIV positive have sex while unprotected may infect them too because it is a disease that is made possible through blood transfusions or bodily fluids (sexual relationships or sharing needles). In result both telling others and not informing them both have its consequences (they're screwed).
         My view on HIV/ AIDS would have to be that it needs to be looked further into. I think that the world needs to have a better grip on what AIDS/HIV is all about. The whole world needs a better understanding of how this disease take place, what precautions they can take to prevent this from happening, what the symptoms are, and how this effects so many people. Many people aren't aware of any of this and need to be informed, it is essential for everyone in the world to realize how this disease can kill so many people or take life out of them from being so sick. Therefore we need to be more aware of what we are facing with HIV/AIDS because like I said before, it is a domino effect that could decrease the amount of people that have this disease.

Gay Marriage Debate

In my understanding I think the gay marriage debate is about equal rights. As homosexuals they feel they should have the same rights at heterosexuals. They feel offensive because people are trying to discriminate towards them because they aren't into the traditional man and women relationship. They are attracted to their own sex. Therefore, because of this , they have the right to speak up to gain those rights. They want to protest against this false assumption of belief that homosexuals shouldn't have the same rights as everyone else. They believe they should be able to marry whom ever they please. It shouldn't just be limited to heterosexuals every individual should have the same benefits as any other person in this world. They shouldn't have laws discriminating against them because of their sexuality.

For others, I believe they don't see it this way. In this case I believe this is based on tradition,religion, and the way society looks at the "categorized" group of homosexuals. In tradition it is known that a marriage is based on a forever lasting bond between a man and a women. It is not very often when we see a tradition with two people of the same sex getting married. Religious affairs make a big impact on why many people do not think that gay marriages should be allowed. This is because people find that gay marriage is a sin. They find it immoral and unethical because of how they translate the bible or other religious material that provides evidence that it is the wrong way of living. Society always has a perspective the average "norm" of how everything is suppose to be. As we grow up we come accustomed to what our society believes. For instance watching television or movies, it's always a boy and a girl who fall in love. Playing barbies it's the same way. Even parents try making a plan that this is how life works, you go to school, get a job, meet your soul mate , get married, and have a baby. This is exactly how society looks at homosexuals they don't find it acceptable because of the fact that it is with the same sex, which isn't how society thinks people should live. In conclusion, some may argue that gay marriages can destroy the traditional ways and can cause an uproar in religious affairs. It may also not fit the way you should act in society.

My position is that homosexuals should have their own rights to marry. It shouldn't matter who anyone marries, it's their decision and who are we to get in the way of someone else's life just because they want to get married? Just because others don't find it acceptable? I don't believe so. Marriage or not should be an option to anyone...

Whitehead writes...

 "On the one side, conservatives pointed to abortion, illegitimacy, and homosexuality as forces destroying the family. On the other, liberals cited domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public supports as the key problems afflicting the family." What do you think about this statement? Explore what you think are the merits and weaknesses of these ideas.
      To me, I believe that I would have to agree with the liberals because those key problems of domestic violence, economic insecurity, and inadequate public support take a huge role in our society and helps tear families apart. Domestic violence can create many barriers that destroys a family. The emotional impact scars those involved. It creates a more survival defense emotion that may break the family apart by those who feel they can't get out of the situation or find it's their fault and those who deal with it are ready to get a way and never look back but struggle to keep other family members behind. The economic insecurity takes a great impact on unhappiness within a family. It causes instability and debt. This may cause the family to have to give up everything just to survive with food on the table and live day by day as it approaches. This causes a lot of stress on each member of the family. Inadequate public support is also a problem that afflicts with the family. This is because all these problems in society should be handled with care from others like support groups, charities, and protests to make our society better. That would help better impact each individual by knowing there is help out there for everyone. Socialism will help everyone get by with some form of hope. Therefore, I believe the liberals have pin pointed exactly what factors can afflict a family.  I think the conservatives are only providing factors that are made by choice which I don't think is a good enough reason to believe that's what can break a family apart.
Merits on abortion
  1. saves money from actually having to support a baby
  2. prevents fighting over taking care or neglecting the kid
  3. not being forced to settle down and can further education or career before settling
  4. population won't be as high therefore can save government money for others who already need it at the moment
Weaknesses on abortion
  1. costs upfront 
  2. fighting on regrets of having an abortion
  3. decision isn't mutual between parents
  4. some believe it's killing the baby inside them
Merits on illegitimacy (not being married and having a child)
  1. not stuck with the person
  2. no hassle with  time, money, and paper work of wanting to be divorced
  3. can see other people
  4. can run their lives just as a married couple does just not recorded on documented paper
Weaknesses on illegitimacy (not being married and having a child)
  1. jealousy appears if one parent sees another person
  2. obligation to always be there for other parent and child
  3. cause a lot of fighting between the parents about money, support, and emotional distress about child
  4. no social security benefits for married couples
Merits on homosexuality in a family
  1. shows and teaches that everyone is different in the world ( to their own adopted children or other family members)
  2. makes them stronger from when people discriminate against them
  3.  practice the rights of freedom, and avoid discrimination of others
  4. provides life lessons for family members and themselves that came from being gay
Weaknesses on homosexuality
  1. the homosexuals, their children , and/or other family members will be made fun of  (bullying)
  2. discrimination towards them
  3. judgement
  4. awkwardness between family who doesn't believe in homosexuality or despises it
  5. family members may disclaim them
Merits in domestic violence
( I really believe there are no good possibilities of domestic violence in a family but here are a few things that may get from coming out of those who commit domestic violence)
  1. some may learn independence 
  2. may learn lessons of survival
  3. self reliance
  4. appreciation for things and people to come into their life
Weaknesses of domestic violence
  1. trust/emotional issues 
  2. not a healthy relationship
  3. can cause health issues 
  4. children may want to stay away from home and can't do well in school worrying about stress of domestic violence
  5. fighting verbally and physically
  6. can influence other family members to be the same way
  7. could result in suicide
Merits of economic insecurity
  1. develops a better appreciation for what the family has
  2. May have nothing but depends on love for each other
  3. helps develop critical skills of money management and what to spend your money on
Weaknesses of economic insecurity
  1.  may not be able to afford essentials
  2. live on a day by day basis as they come up
  3. depression and stress of struggling to move forward
  4. may interfere with education or pursue in future plans for different careers 
Merits of inadequate public supports
  1. People become self reliant on themselves to get things done
  2. Learn strategies of their own on how to live and how things work best for them 
  3. doesn't become lazy
  4. teaches the realism in life 
Weaknesses of inadequate public supports
  1. people may feel there is no where to go to
  2. people may become unaware of possible hazards that could be prevented
  3. no change or growth of the way our society works (politically, emotionally, and through development [ Examples such as strikes against being underpaid, gay marriage protest, Wall Street protest]
  4. no socialism. Therefore, no one is willing to help others out. 
  5. no moral expectations of being kind to others and helping those in need